Problem disabling replay cache

Jakub Czuchnowski jakub.czuchnowski at
Thu Oct 17 06:42:41 EDT 2019


I'm setting up a service (web application) that is using Kerberos to
authenticate users. I want to disable the replay cache for it but for some
reason I can't.

The web app is served from the Nginx server built with
'spnego-http-auth-nginx-module' ( ) for handling
Kerberos authentication. To be precise, I'm building a docker image with

   - Debian 10.1
   - Nginx 1.17.4
   - libkrb5-dev 1.17-3

Because of libkrb5-dev, I assume I'm using MIT Kerberos. According to the
documentation it should suffice to set the environment
variable KRB5RCACHETYPE=none, but it doesn't work. printenv shows that it
is set, but the replay cache file is still created as /var/tmp/http_33.
Thhe first request is fine, but the logs show that subsequent requests with
the same ticket are causing gss_accept_sec_context() to fail with "Request
is a replay".
Now, I'm not sure if the problem is in MIT Kerberos, the Nginx module, or
my lack of understanding, so I'm looking for any clues and clarifications.

Jakub Czuchnowski

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