Kerberos FTP ticket filename

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon May 20 12:37:52 EDT 2013

Tiago Elvas <tiagoelvas at> writes:

> Thanks for your reply!

> Firstly, as for the SSH connection, I need the ticket to have a
> controled name, and not a randomized one. That problem is fixed by my
> patch.

Depending on what PAM module you're using, you may be able to set ccache
in the PAM options to the file name pattern that you want to use.

> As for the FTP problem, the thing is that when I logout from the FTP
> connection, the system does not delete the ticket file, and so I have
> hundreds of tickets there.

Oh, okay.  This sounds like a bug in your FTP server (specifically, it's
not calling pam_end in the same process context as pam_setcred).  What FTP
server are you using?

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