new msktutil release (v0.4.2)

Ken Dreyer ktdreyer at
Fri Nov 23 14:57:19 EST 2012

I'm pleased to announce release 0.4.2 of msktutil.

msktutil is a program for interoperability with Active Directory. It
can create a computer account in Active Directory, create a system
Kerberos keytab, add and remove principals to and from that keytab,
and change the computer account's password automatically.

Changes from previous release:

   User-visible changes:

   Increase computer name character limit from 18 to 19 characters,
   matching AD's own limits.

   Add option ("-N") to disable reverse lookups on DCs.

   Add option ("--old-account-password") to use the old computer account
   password to create a new keytab on a host.

   Return the proper error code when krb5_change_password fails.

   Update man page documentation for single-DES and AFS.

   Other build-related changes:

   Improve krb5-config detection and handling.

   Compatibility with autoconf >= 2.68.

   Build fixes for Red Hat and Ubuntu.

The Git repository is available at:


You can download tarballs from:


Please report any bugs in the Google Code issue tracker.

I now have a new co-maintainer for msktutil, Mark Pröhl. Welcome, and
thank you, Mark!

Also, thank you to the other people who contributed to 0.4.2 (bug
reports, fixes, or patches):

   Jaroslaw Polok
   Jurjen Bokma
   Olaf Flebbe
   Michael Weiser
   Vladimir V Kanischev

(If I've accidentally missed your name, please let me know, and I will
credit you in the next release.)

- Ken Dreyer

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