Apache issue with Moodle

Phil Pishioneri pgp at psu.edu
Tue Jun 5 15:35:32 EDT 2012

On 6/5/12 3:27 AM, GADSDON Paul wrote:
> I am using Moodle and have the following directive in my httpd.conf
> ...
> I know that Kerberos works because if I hit the above file in the files directive it works and logs me in.
> However if I navigate to my index.php file it doesn't log me in.  Which I understand that the above directive is supposed to.  I thought it was supposed to tell apache to hit the ntlmsso_magic.php log me in and then return me to the index file

A default install of Moodle I did (long ago) did not protect the home 
page, which allowed viewing of pubic/anonymous content. There was a 
'login' link on the home page which (eventually) used the 
ntlmsso_magic.php protected page.


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