OpenLDAP and Keberos 5 - How to

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Mon Apr 18 13:40:57 EDT 2011

You might want to look at
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Subject: OpenLDAP and Keberos 5 - How to

 HI all,

 I'm a new comer, I used to install a mail system (openldap,
cyrus-sasl, cyrus-imap, postfix) without Kerberos, and it worked fine.

have general study about MIT Keberos and feel it really impression to me
that the way it works for security. Also, i have read at OpenLDAP's home
page that the OpenLDAP server have to use of strong authentication
services, such as these provided by Kerberos, is highly recommended.

i just want to configure and install Keberos 5 for OpenLDAP system only. So
i have read a lot of document about keberos, and feel that they didn't met
my requirement.

 I... I don't know how to begin with it.


 Best Regards,


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