Issues on Windows Server 2003 R2

Murray Trainer mtrainer at
Mon Apr 18 09:27:31 EDT 2011


I have installed 32-bit Kerberos 3.2.2 from Secure Endpoints and 32-bit OpenAFS 1.5.78.  Each user runs commands like below when they login to Windows.

set krb_user=murray
set KRB5CCNAME=FILE:c:\users\krb5cc_%krb_user%
set KRB5_KTNAME=\users\%krb_user%.keytab
kinit -5 -r 7d -k -t C:\users\%krb_user%.keytab %krb_user%@MYDOMAIN.NET
aklog -d -c MYDOMAIN -k MYDOMAIN
net use x: \\afs\mydomain\users\%afs_uid%\MyShares

This works fine up to about 35-40 Windows users, then the aklog starts to fail and the Kerberos kinit starts failing getting tickets.  The server pretty much grinds to a halt despite low CPU and memory usage.  Either rebooting the server or killing all the krbcc32s.exe processes and restarting the OpenAFS client service fixes the issue.  I am not sure if the AFS client service or the kerberos processes are the cause of the problem.  Any suggestions to help fix this issue would be appreciated.



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