help on a begginer kerberos API code in C.

MARTIN boris martin-boris at
Thu Apr 14 10:32:03 EDT 2011


first, if this post have nothing to do there and must be post in the kerberos-dev mailing list, please advise me to do so.

I am curently trying to make a programs as litle as i can who just request a principal.
But the code source i have writen don't seems to works in many way. The must obvious is that my kerberos realm is never
found. My /etc/krb5.conf is valid but well, nothing. i have pass a few hours on that and i still don't understand why ...

i have put my code on pastbin here
and my krb5.conf here

If someone on the mail could spare a bit of time telling me where i'm wrong. I will gladly appreciate.

thanks for all.

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