Need help setting up kerberos for the first time

Edward Murrell edward at
Mon Sep 28 15:43:35 EDT 2009

There's a bunch of things there that are a bit messed up.

Firstly, if you aren't sure what the hostname is, run;
hostname -s

If this tells you it's 'localhost', you should edit the /etc/hostname to
be something more descriptive (and the same as whatever you pick for
myserverhostname below) and then run hostname -f /etc/hostname

Also, this bit...
On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 09:01 -0700, Andrey Falko wrote:
> [realms]
>         USSTORAGE.COM = {
>                 admin_server = USDSTORAGE.COM
>                 default_domain = USDSTORAGE.COM
>                 kdc = USDSTORAGE.COM
>         }

...should be something like;

         USSTORAGE.COM = {
                 admin_server =
                 kdc =

This is also odd
> f) Edit /etc/hosts:
>       localhost USDSTORAGE.COM KRB.USDSTORAGE.COM Gentoo-testvm1

It should look like;	localhost

Where is the IP address of the network card (NOT localhost/loopback).

Hope that helps,


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