Daniel Braniss danny at
Mon Sep 28 12:13:57 EDT 2009

We provide Unix service to the Computer Science Dep. (since 76),
with about 1500 accounts (staff, researchers, students), and
probably one of the last few sites using Hesiod :-)

Since more and more users are requesting access from 'unfriendly'
environments, we are evaluating the feasibility of allowing nfs access
to a wider population, and krb5 could be the solution, but our system
has a few drawbacks:
	- no Active Directory
	- no LDAP
	- getpwnam() does not provide the encryped password

just plain hesiod and authentication is done via pam.
After some googleing, I'm not that wiser :-(
So I'm wandering, can I roll my own authentication module/library/plugin?



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