ldap-backend with kerberos

Julian Thomé frostisch at yahoo.de
Tue Sep 15 11:02:40 EDT 2009

Thank you,

Now we want new users to be automatically available as kerberos principals.
We want to create our user-accounts directly in LDAP. For each user 
created in the ldap we need a kerberos principal with the same password 
of his unix-account.
For authentification kerberos should be used.
Is it possible (with the smbk5pwd-Module),  to give newly created 
ldap-entries (posixAccounts) a kerberos-password automatically ??

Thanks !!
Bye Julian

> Julian Thomé wrote:
>> is it possible to compile the smbk5pwd-module, that it can be used with
>> MIT kerberos so that we can sync passwords between ldap and kerberos ?
>> It seems that this module with this configuration only works with
>> heimdal-kerberos.
> OpenLDAP's slapo-smbk5pwd only works with heimdal since currently heimdal's
> and MIT's LDAP backends use different LDAP schema.
> Ciao, Michael.
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