Java app as Windows Service w/JGSS+Kerberos - should it work?

Chris chriscorbell at
Wed Mar 18 18:49:49 EDT 2009

On Mar 11, 5:08 pm, Chris <chriscorb... at> wrote:
> I know this is a fairly specific configuration but I'm hoping someone
> may have some experience to offer - have you been able to get a GSS-
> API-enabled Java server application running as a Windows Service with
> a local KeyTab file? If you have gotten this to work, did you ever see
> the above symptom & is there a likely cause?  Or if not, could it be
> that this simply won't work - is there something about the Java GSS-
> API implementation that conflicts with running in a wrapping service
> process?
> TIA,
> Chris

To reply to the list for the record - I got it working by writing my
own service wrapper which does not launch the JBoss JVM as a child
process but simply invokes the JBoss run and shutdown scripts (from
OnStart() and OnStop() respectively) as their own processes, using
Process::Start() (C++/CLI).

Kerberos authentication now works for me with a local keyTab through
the Java GSS-API libraries in JBoss.  The service runs as Local
System. There was something incompatible in the way that the Tanuki
service wrapper launches JBoss.

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