Finding the version of kinit/klist petesea at
Fri Mar 6 13:43:55 EST 2009

Is there any way to determine the version of kinit or klist?

For whatever reason, none of the kerberos commands support a "--version" 
option other than the krb5-config command.  Unfortunately, krb5-config 
isn't always available.  At least on Redhat systems it's part of the 
development package which isn't always installed.

Is there any other way to determine the version of kinit?

On systems supporting RPM I can use rpm to find the version of the package 
that contains kinit, but that means finding the version is system 

PS. I REALLY wish the Kerberos developers would add a "--version" option 
to all the commands... or at least the most common ones 
(kinit/klist/kdestroy/kpasswd)... or at an absolute minimum - kinit.

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