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Mon Jul 20 16:46:17 EDT 2009

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 4:28 PM, John Jasen<jjasen at> wrote:
> kerberos at wrote:
>> So this means servicePrincipalName is effectively useless in AD for
>> non-Windows systems, right -- in particular when you have X number of
>> principals in a keytab but only the one that matches the UPN will
>> work?
> No. I asked questions along the same vein a while back. :
> Apparently you should be doing a kinit -S
> serviceprinciplename/hostname.fqdn (ie: nfs/, to get a
> service ticket for the appropriate service.

Ah ha!  So this is the magic test I'd been misunderstanding.

So now I can do the following and everything works in the way I'd hope:

  kinit -k -t /some/keytab princ/host.fqdn at REALM
  kinit -S otherprinc/host.fqdn at REALM myprinc at REALM

Thanks everyone!

(And yes, I agree that ktpass.exe isn't the right tool for this job.
msktutil would seem to work nicely in an environment where one has
admin access to AD.)

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