AFP not working for cross realm

abhishekbrave abhishek.brave at
Wed Sep 10 05:11:38 EDT 2008

On Sep 8, 7:07 pm, Ken Hornstein <k... at> wrote:
> >I have configured AFP for kerberized authentication. It is working fine with
> >simple kerberos authentication,but with cross ream i am not able to mount
> >using the command
> >mount_afp afp:// /test2
> >i am getting all the cross realm ticktes and the service ticktes and  I have
> >verified the kvno off all the principals , everything is correct.
> >The error is
> >AFPMountURL returned error -5019,error is -5019
> If you're getting the cross-realm tickets, I am _guessing_ that the issue
> is one of authorization - your cross-realm identity isn't allowed to mount
> that particular filesystem.  That is a guess.  And if that is the problem,
> I have no idea how to fix it.
> --Ken

I am having same problem with NFS service also ,NFS and AFP both
working fine for simple kerberos but not for cross realm
authentication.Is there any way to verify wehter these service can be
configured for NFS /AFP or not

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