Kerberize MS Exchange?

Eric Hill eric at
Thu Sep 4 14:26:32 EDT 2008

> Kerberize it how?
> MS Exchange uses a proprietary communications protocol so it's not
> clear how Kerberos authentication even works in Exchange [1].
> If you're talking about using IMAP4, last I checked MS Exchange does
> not support Kerberos w/ IMAP4 at all.
> Mike
> [1] There is some new "Exchange Protocols" documentation released as
> part of the EU settlement that might include such details.

Actually the protocol doesn't really include anything for authentication.  The core Exchange security mechanism is a named pipe
connection to the server, and a thread running ImpersonateNamedPipeClient on the server-side to handle requests on behalf of the

Microsoft may or may not use Kerberos to authenticate the pipe.


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