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amit pawar amitpawar007 at
Mon Jul 21 05:54:32 EDT 2008

HI All,
I am trying to use mod_spnego on Apache server (windows). Whenever I try to
login from client from IE, it asks me
for username and password. When I enter correct username and password, the
Apache server crashes (child process crashes while server keeps on running).
When I enter wrong password the server doesn't crash. I have followed
instructions from ReadMe file of mod_spnego module version 1.0

Let me explain you in Detail.
I have kerberos krb5kdc and kadmin running on linux machine.
I have Apache server running on windows machine. (windows server 2003)
Now from another windows machine when I try to login from IE, Apache server
crashes give below error. (client: Windows XP)

NOTE: I have multiple realm running on windows machine. The one which I am
using is not the default one.

ERROR shown on Apache server.
"An unhandled win32 exception occurred in httpd.exe[2040]"
In debugging process, call stack windows shows

What am i doing wrong, can someone let me know?

One more thing, when i tried to using mod_spnego module v1.0 on windows XP,
the Apache server couldn't start.
But I succeeded with same process on Windows servers 2003. Does mod_spnego
module have any issues with Windows XP?


Amit Pawar
Financial Technologies (India) Ltd.
Mobile: 9833 586 568

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