windows 2003 AD and keytab file generation

Shambhulal R. Sharma Sam.Sharma at
Tue Jul 1 15:33:37 EDT 2008

Hi All
I am trying to use Active Directory installed on Windows Server 2003 as
KDC. I followed the Microsoft step-by-step guide to create a
windows user account, ktpass command to map a service principal name to
the windows user account and generate a keytab file. So far I can map
one service principal name to one windows user account which works fine.
I have a requirement where multiple services running on a system should
map their service principals to a single Windows User preferably
computer account. I would like to generate/prepare a single keytab file
for all service [ftp,http, etc.] principal names using ktpass and ktutil
My questions:
Is it possible to use a computer account to map multiple service
principal names. I know about setspn command which can allow
add/delete/list operations to manage service principal association with
a windows user/computer account.
The problem seems to be with ktpass command, I do not know how I can
generate keytab file for all service principal associated with a single
user/computer account. Every time I try to use the ktpass -princ ...
command it changes the kvno number which invalidates the previous keytab
files. I tried ktpass with multiple -princ <...> -princ <...> options,
which generates the keytab file only for the last principal name
specified in the ktpass command line.
Is it possible to have multiple service principals associated with a
single computer/user account. Due to some security reasons this is not
permitted on Windows.

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