Last Successful Login always equals "never"

Joshua Hutchins jdhutchin at
Fri Apr 18 12:24:02 EDT 2008

pachl wrote:
> When running ``kadmin get <principle>`` for any principle, the "Last
> successful login" and the "Last failed login" lines always equal
> "never." What does the "Last successful login" line mean? Where and
> how would I have to login to change the status of this line from
> "never"?
> I have used kinit from from several machines and have also used the
> system login at the console, which exclusively uses kerberosV (local
> password file is disabled).
> All my machines in the Kerberos realm are OpenBSD 4.1 and use Heimdal
> 0.7.2.
> -pachl
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We have the same problem here with Debian and MIT Kerberos Version 5,
Release 1.6.3 (installed from Debian packages).  All our principals
require pre-auth.  We haven't spent any time debugging it, but if
there's a simple solution, we'd love to know it.

Thanks, Joshua

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