Kerberos enabled SSH library petesea at
Thu May 17 17:02:41 EDT 2007

Is there a Kerberos-enabled SSH library out there?

I'm investigating the development of a custom SSH client that will only be 
for internal company use.  The goal will be a single binary our users can 
easily download that will then be used to run specific commands to 
specific servers.

I would PREFER it supports gssapi-keyex, but would probably settle for 

I'm starting with Linux, but will eventually need to support Mac, Solaris, 
HP-UX and Windows clients.

It seems like libssh2 might be a good choice, but it doesn't include 
gssapi auth (as far as I know).  Any chance someone might be adding 
gssapi-with-mic/gssapi-keyex support to libssh2?

I guess I could try to use OpenSSH, but it's not exactly intended as a 

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