Java GSSAPI Server Failure

slushpupie at
Mon May 14 15:00:21 EDT 2007

Thanks, but I just figured it out.  Though DNS was correct (I checked
it several times), a typo in /etc/hosts screwed this one up for me.  I
ended up using the java debugger to print out the name it thought it
was looking for and noticed it didnt match. The error reporting from
java on this is near unusable.


On 5/14/07, Seema Malkani <Seema.Malkani at> wrote:
> Please check the service principal name that you pass as args[0] in your
> code.
> Here is an example:
> Oid krb5 = new Oid("1.2.840.113554.1.2.2");
> // create a host based service name
> GSSName name = manager.createName("service at host",
>                    GSSName.NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE, krb5);
> Seema

Jay Kline

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