Authenticate user with Kerberos & LDAP-backend

Ta Thai Hung hungtt at
Tue May 1 07:29:48 EDT 2007

Hi All

There is a Ldap server which store many user serving the authentication in my company. Now, I set up a Kerberos server to implement single-sign-on mechanism, after that I see some idea about Kerberos and LDAP backend. It is great, I deploy it successfully on test server. But now, there is a thing I confuse: After using the LDAP-backend, can I use Kerberos to authenticate some services (SSH for example), LDAP to authenticate others services (FTP, HTTP, ... for example), and all attributes of user (cn,userPassword,... for example) to other usage, but user can change password by kpasswd tool ?

Have anyone experienced this situation ? Please give me some idea and how to implement it.

Thank you,
Hung Ta 

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