Not able to authenticate GSSAPI and Kerberos Remotely

cool yahama coolyahama at
Tue May 1 06:26:43 EDT 2007


I am trying to run the sample client/server program of kerberos and GSSAPI
on two linux machines. I could able to run all these program successfully on
a standalone linux machine.

I am running the KDC and server program on one of the linux machine, and
trying to authenticate from another mahcine with "root" login. The entry for
this root login in added in KDC.

I am getting the error message as

"krb5int_locate_server: No Good Servers".

the Krb5.conf on the which in am running the client program, has the
information of KDC.

Please provide me the information if i have to make some system setup to
resolve this problem.


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