Compile problems on Solaris 2.6

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Mon Oct 30 20:36:26 EST 2006

On Oct 26, 2006, at 23:06, Tom Maddox wrote:
> Well, upgrading isn't completely out of the question, but it'll be
> more painful for sure.  I'll mail you some 2.6 CDs if that will help
> with testing. :)

Naw, you'd still have to convince us to expend a machine on Solaris  
2.6... :-)

> What you see is what's in the log.  I think it is running a version
> check; a post to the group indicates that my problem there may be
> related to the fact that /usr/ucb is in my path, so I took that out
> and am in the process of testing the results.  What seems to be
> happening in this case is that cc doesn't mind the "--version" flag
> (although it doesn't recognize it), but ld does mind exits in the
> manner that you see.

Hm, well, I don't think we *ever* test with /usr/ucb/cc, just gcc and  
the sunsoft compiler (v11 now, v7 or v8 previously).

>> Try conditionalizing the definition of krb5int_in6addr_any with
>> "#ifdef KRB5_USE_INET6".  (That macro should not be defined in
>> include/autoconf.h on your system.)  There may be other related
>> problems waiting for you, though.
> I'll see what I can do.  Where should I look for that definition?

fake-addrinfo.c -- its definition was the cause of the errors you  
reported in that file.


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