error principal in kerberos propagation

Tim Mooney mooney at
Fri Oct 20 17:55:07 EDT 2006

In regard to: error principal in kerberos propagation, chechu chechu said...:

> I looked the logs and kerberos gives the right tickets when it executes,
> in the slave server in syslog appears this
> Oct 20 23:32:21 shinobi kpropd[1390]: Connection from
> Oct 20 23:32:21 shinobi kpropd[1390]: Error in krb5_recvauth: Wrong
> principal in request

Our kpropd log messages always show the fully qualified DNS name, not
the IP address.  This probably means you have DNS problems.  From shinobi,
Can you use a tool like "host" or "dig" to resolve both the forward (A)
and reverse (PTR) records for your primary server (shogun)?

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