Cannot conect LDAP to Kerberos

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at
Sat Oct 14 15:28:36 EDT 2006

Quoting Diego Alencar Alves de Lima < at>:

> I'm trying to set up my ldap directory to use kerberos passwords. I have 
> compiled openldap with --with-kpasswd, added the principal 
> ldap/ at SG.ORG.BR to kerberos. Also, I have prepared the user 
> entries in LDAP with these fields (in addition to other ones):
> objectClass: krb5Principal
> krb5PrincipalName: diego at SG.ORG.BR
> cn: Diego Lima
> userPassword: {KERBEROS}diego at SG.ORG.BR

This have been depricated for quite some time now. Nowadays you use
{SASL}. Make sure to install saslauthd from Cyrus SASL (start it with
'-a kerberos5')...

> supportedSASLMechanisms: GSSAPI

That's {SASL}...

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