Kerberized DBMS's Available

Henry B. Hotz hotz at
Thu Oct 5 13:57:24 EDT 2006

I'm looking for a DBMS that supports Kerberos for user authentication  
and has a JDBC client.  It appears that I may have to write the  
support myself, unless someone can add something I haven't been able  
to find out.

The "big three" I know about are:

MySQL -- market leader, but no Kerberos support.  Also AFAIK no  
ability to use the identity from an SSH or SSL tunnel.  SASL/GSSAPI  
patches probably acceptable if offered.

PostgreSQL -- supports Kerberos directly with the MIT API.  No SASL/ 
GSSAPI support so Kerberos support doesn't work with the JDBC client,  
or on Windows (unless you build against KfW presumably).  GSSAPI  
patches probably acceptable if done "cleanly".

Oracle -- supports Kerberos directly using some pre-release MIT code  
independent of available any outside Kerberos libraries.  Not sure if  
our site license allows export of the client, or if they have a  
Kerberos aware JDBC client.  I expect not for at least one of those.

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