FYI Documentation tarball

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Tue Mar 28 16:08:22 EST 2006

>>>>> "john" == john daley <john.daley at> writes:

john> The file downloaded as:         krb5-1.4.3.doc.tar.tar

john> Using you response as a clue, I replaced the last tar with gz and used 
john> gunzip and it uncompressed OK on the Unix box.  I then extracted the tar'd 
john> files.

john> Thanks,

john> PS  Shouldn't this file be named krb5-1.4.3.doc.tar.gz ?

It's named krb5-1.4.3.doc.tar.gz on our web page.  If something is
renaming it to end in ".tar.tar", it's probably on your side.


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