Script issues building KFW 3.0 on Windows XP

Ryan Kidd ryan.kidd at
Wed Mar 15 10:34:56 EST 2006


This is my first post, though I've been building KFW for several
years. We're moving from KFW 2.6.5 to 3.0 and I'm trying to track
down the root cause of makefile failures while running the KFW 3.0
build scripts.

The first sign of trouble is that krb5 tree won't build, apparently
due to a missing makefile.  If I manually copy makefile.src from
scripts\site\graft\krb5\ the build gets down into
krb5\windows\kfwlogon where it can't find leashwin.h.   If I add
"leash\include" include path to that makefile, we get further but
encounter this undeclared identifier error: error C2065:

I think I must have missed something fundamental in my scripts, tools
or environment setup.  However, I couldn't find anything related to
my troubles on google or the MIT site (although one user reported the
same krb5 makefile error:

Hoping these issues might be fixed in a later distribution, I tried
to get the KFW 3.0.1 tag from Dec 14, 2005, but Subversion always
times out before I can complete the checkout.

Below I've provided details of my environment and the error message.
If you have seen these issues before, or if you can point me in the
right direction I'd be very grateful.


Ryan Kidd, Configuration Management
Hummingbird Ltd., Toronto

** Dec 5, 2005 Source zip downloaded yesterday, unpacked with WinZip: from

** Configured environment following instructions from
- Windows XP command line
- MS Visual C++ 6.0 sp5 with the Feb2003 SDK
- ActiverPerl 5.6.1 Build 631 (known working version)
- Recent Cygwin install with gawk, rm, cat, sed, etc.

** Command line used to launch build:
C:\s\kfw-3.0.0-final\src\athena>..\scripts\ --softdirs NDEBUG=1

** Section of Failed Build Log:
[06/03/14 15:13:27] Exiting auth\krb4
[06/03/14 15:13:27]
[06/03/14 15:13:27] SKIPPING DIR MISSING Makefiles (softdirs enabled):
[06/03/14 15:13:27] Entering auth\kuser
[06/03/14 15:13:27]
[06/03/14 15:13:27] Building auth\kuser
[06/03/14 15:13:27] Included Makefile.dep
[06/03/14 15:13:27] Output going into .\obj\i386\rel
[06/03/14 15:13:28] NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make
[06/03/14 15:13:28] Stop.

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