kinit gives relocation error when linking to

Wyllys Ingersoll wyllys.ingersoll at
Wed Mar 15 08:58:58 EST 2006

David Telfer wrote:
>  Hello,
>  I have compiled krb5-1.4.3 on Solaris 9 using gcc 3.4.2 .  Configure
>  and make ran succesfully with no errors.  When I attempt to run kinit
>  to test, I receive the following error;
> kinit: fatal: relocation error: file
>  /usr/lib/gss/gl/ symbol gss_nt_service_name_v2:
>  referenced symbol not found
>  krb5 was configured with '-enable-client -with-gssapi -without-krb4'.
>  I initially had a couple of problems due to working with a core
>  install of Solaris.  Some libraries were not installed with the core
>  installation (those contained in SUNWgss & SUNWgssc) but the header
>  files were on the system.  This meant that configure passed but
>  running kinit failed due to not being found.  I installed
>  the SUNWgss & SUNWgssc packages which resolved this.
>  I'm not too sure as to whether the sun packages would have a bearing
>  on the problems I am facing now.

Solaris 9 comes with Kerberos already bundled with the OS, including GSSAPI
headers and libraries.   Kerberized applications like telnet, rlogin, 
ftp are
in a separate (but FREE) download from - search for SEAM 1.0.2
(of course, if you prefer to use MIT, then disregard that).

Run ldd on the MIT 'kinit'  to see what libraries it is linking with.  
It should only
be linking against the MIT libraries.

(Also,  since when does 'kinit' need to link with GSSAPI libraries 
anyway?  )


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