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Richard E. Silverman res at
Mon Mar 13 23:24:45 EST 2006

>>>>> "VR" == "Victor Robles" <vrobles at> writes:

    VR> Hi, This is Victor Robles from Puerto Rico, I am the LAN
    VR> Administrator for a government agency, I have some question about
    VR> Kerberos. I think that I have a "hacker" that is entering in my
    VR> computer.  I checked my event viewer and I found in the Logon
    VR> Process: kerberos,and Authentication Package: kerberos.  We are
    VR> not using the kerberos program down here...

Yes, you are; you're just not aware of it.  Windows has used Kerberos as
its fundamental, pervasive authentication system since Windows 2000.
It's not an external tool that someone is using to penetrate your system;
it's a normal part of your system.  Your question is akin to seeing a
message in a log like: "user authenticated via /etc/passwd," and asking,
"What is this 'passwd' software and how is someone using it to break in!?"

  Richard Silverman
  res at

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