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Victor Robles vrobles at
Mon Mar 13 08:12:19 EST 2006

Hi, This is Victor Robles from Puerto Rico, I am the LAN Administrator for a government agency, I have
some question about Kerberos. I think that I have a "hacker" that is entering in my computer.
I checked my event viewer and I found in the Logon Process: kerberos,and Authentication Package: kerberos.
We are not using the kerberos program down here, also when I Log in to my PC I have this: Logon Process:
User32, Authentication Package: Negociate.

Can you tell me if somebody is using your protocol system (Kerberos) to enter in my network?,
If so, how I can fix this problem?

Thank you

Victor Robles
Administrador de Redes de Computadoras
Oficina de Tecnología de Información
Administración de Sistemas de Retiro
Gobierno de Puerto Rico - ELA
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
Ph. 787 754-4545 Ext. 4045, 4206
Fx. 775 562-7614
Em. vrobles at

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