~~Using Kerberos tickets for ssh ~~

Richard E. Silverman res at qoxp.net
Fri Mar 10 13:52:06 EST 2006

>>>>> "LI" == Logarajan  <logarajan at riskspan.com> writes:

    LI> Hi Ricahrd,

    LI>                 Thanks for the update.  I have servers running on
    LI> RHES4,RHES3 and RedHat Linux 7.2.

    LI> Kerberos 5 is the KDC.

    LI> With RHEL4, i have the option GSSAPIAuthintication and the
    LI> authentication works welll.

    LI> But with RHEL3 and RedHat Linux 7.2, i don't have the option.  How
    LI> to proceed with the same.

This probably means the OpenSSH version in RHEL3 does not support
Kerberos.  Replace it with one that does.

    LI> I have windows XP desktops.  How to get it work with Kerberos
    LI> server and how to use the ticket for the servers.

That depends on what SSH client you're using on XP.  If it uses MIT
Kerberos, then it's straightforward.  If it uses the native Windows
Kerberos (via SSPI), then it's a little more complicated to get Windows to
use the Linux-based realm.  A little googling will turn up information on
it; it involves ksetup.exe.

  Richard Silverman
  res at qoxp.net

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