kinit gives relocation error when linking to

David Telfer david at
Wed Mar 8 09:07:10 EST 2006


I have compiled krb5-1.4.3 on Solaris 9 using gcc 3.4.2 .  Configure and 
make ran succesfully with no errors.  When I attempt to run kinit to 
test, I receive the following error; kinit: fatal: relocation error: file 
/usr/lib/gss/gl/ symbol gss_nt_service_name_v2: 
referenced symbol not found

krb5 was configured with '-enable-client -with-gssapi -without-krb4'. 

I initially had a couple of problems due to working with a core install 
of Solaris.  Some libraries were not installed with the core 
installation (those contained in SUNWgss & SUNWgssc) but the header 
files were on the system.  This meant that configure passed but running 
kinit failed due to not being found.  I installed the 
SUNWgss & SUNWgssc packages which resolved this.

I'm not too sure as to whether the sun packages would have a bearing on 
the problems I am facing now.

David Telfer

david at

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