No such entry in the database

Richard E. Silverman res at
Wed Mar 8 21:31:11 EST 2006

> I'm on CentOS 4, kerberos 5, and I'm trying to configure a client so it
> can auth to the server. From the client:
> kadmin -p admin/admin
> addprinc host/client.localdomain

Note that generally, only the server needs a host principal & keytab.
Kerberos authenticates two principals each of which has a secret.  The
client's secret is the user's password; the server is a piece of software
and thus needs its secret on disk.

> Those two things work. But if I run:
> ktadd -k /etc/krb5.keytab host/client.localdomain
> I get:
> No such entry in the database while changing host/client.localdomain's
> key
> What database is it talking about? Didn't I just add the entry with
> addprinc?

Try adding the realm explicitly.

  Richard Silverman
  res at

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