Java 1.5 is not encoding integers properly

Seema Malkani Seema.Malkani at
Wed Jun 21 19:12:08 EDT 2006

Sun's implementation of Java GSS/Kerberos implementation is fully 
interoperable with MIT/Solaris/Linux/Windows GSS/Kerberos 
implementations. Tokens generated by Java are accepted by all other 
GSS/Kerberos implementations.

I'll look into this, and get back to you.


Salil Dangi wrote:
> I am using java 1.5 to generate a service ticket token (AP Request) for a 
> service running on Unisys machines.
> This token can not be parsed properly due to ASN encoding errors.
> There is an Authenticator in this AP request.
> Within the authenticator, there is an optional field for seq-number of type 
> integer.
> The seq-number is a unsigned integer that can go from 0 to 2**32 -1 with a 
> random initial value.
> During my sample runs, I saw that Java 1.5 implementation is either sending 
> an integer encoded in 2 bytes or an integer encoded in 4 bytes. When this is 
> encoded in 2 bytes, there is no issue. When this is encoded in 4 bytes, the 
> encoding is not correct. The value looks something like FFFFXXXX (A706 0204 
> As per ASN encoding, this should be encoded as 00FFFFXXXX (A707 0205 
> 00FFFFXXXX) since ASN encoding does not allow top 9 bit to be either all 
> ones or all zeroes.
> Has anyone seen this problem?
> sample Hex dump of the seq-number field from the Authenticator
> A70402020398        Works
> A704020207CB        Works
> A7060204FFFFF77F    Fails
> A7060204FFFFFA59    Fails
> A7060204FFFFF96D    Fails
> A7060204FFFFF3F8    Fails 

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