SAP SSO - kerberos/SNC on HP 11i (11.11)

Viazanko, Paul S. PViazanko at
Tue Jun 6 10:30:50 EDT 2006

I recently found the wonderful doc that Calin compiled for implementing 

SSO for SAP with Kerberos and the SNC adapter.  We are running on PA2 

Risc HP 11i (11.11) servers in 64-bit.


I am encountering multiple issues:

1.  No matter what compile options I use with the Ansi-C HP compiler

(+DD64, +DA2.0W), I cannot generate 64-bit MIT Kerberos libraries.  

I try to validate this using "file".  The library files remain 32-bit.

I run gsstest against the libraries, a "bad magic number" error occurs.


2. When I try to make the SNC adapter using the libraries from above,

The resulting is also 32-bit, and generated the same "bad

magic number when accessed from SAP (6.4 kernel 64-bit).


3.I have also tried to install Kerberos from HP on another system.  

This produces a 64-bit library that fails the gsstests.

Status:  gss_indicate_mechs() == (GSS_S_COMPLETE)

ERROR:      is a DEFECTIVE gss_OID_set

it contains invalid member_oid [0] (length=4145152258, 


  Selecting mechanism (0) from GSS shared library #1:

      {1 2 840 113554 1 2 2}              MECH= Kerberos 5 (v2 -


 Using this HP Kerberos library, I am able to build a 64-bit SNC

 However, the adapter causes the SAP disp+work processes to core dump

 and die.


I would kindly appreciate any suggestions on how to resolve these


Best regards,

Paul Viazanko

SAP Basis Administrator


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