Issue with using Kerberos and Active Directory to take over Sybaseauthentication

Markus Moeller huaraz at
Tue Jun 6 14:15:24 EDT 2006

Sybase provides  sample  code for a library called (don't 
remember the exact name) somewher in the server sample directory. Modify and 
compile it and move it inot the default library directory.


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> Hi,
> We are trying to implement Kerberos authentication (through Active
> Directory) for our Sybase 12.5.3 database (through a client-server
> Powerbuilder application). We have been told that we need some kind of
> mapping between Active Directory and Sybase user ID's (for authorization 
> if
> not for anything else) - i.e. the Active Directory ID needs to be set up 
> as
> a user in Sybase. However, our AD id's are in the format
> "firstname.lastname", which is an invalid sybase ID (because of the ".") -
> Oracle will also have the same issue.
> Does anyone out there have a workaround for this? Is the mapping really
> needed?
> Thanks!!!
> Herbert
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