Krb5 native and JGSS messages

Seema Malkani Seema.Malkani at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 21 18:16:56 EDT 2006

Yes. Sun's implementation of Java GSS/Kerberos is fully interoperable 
with MIT GSS/Kerberos implementation.


Fredrik Tolf wrote On 08/21/06 12:48,:

>Dear List,
>I'm intending to write a network client kind of program that's supposed
>to run on Windows, so I decided it to write it in Java, and I want it to
>authenticate to the server with Kerberos. The server, however, uses the
>native MIT krb5 APIs to "do its stuff", while the only option I know in
>Java is to use the org.ietf.jgss API.
>So, I'm wondering, are the messages created by JGSS compatible with the
>ones used by the native MIT API? In other words, can I use the JGSS
>implementation to authenticate to this server (more specifically, it is
>the MIT krshd server I want to authenticate to)?
>Fredrik Tolf
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