unix active directory

Shawn Wilson ag4ve at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 9 12:46:47 EDT 2006

I am interested in getting an Active Directory server setup on a linux (Ubuntu)
server. I currently just have a samba file server, ntp, and dns setup on this
server. I don't have any Windows 2k/XP servers here.

I have found many howtos and other docs on kerberos, ldap, and samba. However
my question is where to start. In theory, what I was looking for was a cookie
cutter solution to getting an Active Directory server setup on Unix. However
aside from that, I was wondering where I should start.

One more point of woe for me is that I don't have a FQDN. I was advised that I
could just make one on my dns and setup dhcp to make sure those hosts used my
dns and be fine with that. I was wondering if this is possible?

Also, though I have googled and have a bit more than a half dozen pages along
this topic bookmarked, any resources that anyone could recommend would be

darkhaven (aka - shawn wilson / ag4ve)

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