krb5 1.4 on AIX 5.1 Illegal Instruction

Dan Million elleyeoh at
Mon Feb 28 09:00:33 EST 2005

Donald Thompson wrote:
> I'm getting an 'Illegal Instruction' when I try to kinit using krb5 1.4 
> on AIX 5.1. I've tried compiling
> using both the IBM XL C Compiler, as well as gcc 3.3 with the same 
> result. I've had no problems compiling
> and using krb5 1.3 versions. Anyone know if theres a fix for this?
> -Don

I used krb5-send-pr to report this on 1/31/05.  MIT is aware of it, but 
have no solution yet; perhaps because they don't have an AIX 5.1 system 
to test on.

I was not able to help them much with debugging, because kinit is simply 
jumping to address zero, leaving no stack trace that I can find with dbx.

I've tried building with xlc and gcc; with and without thread support; 
with static and shared libraries.  Nothing has worked.

It works without problems on AIX 5.2!


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