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Jeffrey Altman jaltman2 at
Fri Feb 25 10:11:24 EST 2005

paul b wrote:

> According to your answer, the TGS gives a ticket to a service to each
> user requesting, as soon as he presents a valid TGT if I understood
> well?
> Is there no possibility to do an additional access control on the TGS
> that only gives tickets to a user for the services which he is allowed
> to use(sort of acl)?

Access control is not the responsibility of the KDC's TGS, so the answer 
is 'no'.

 > Once the client is authenticated, is the communication between the
 > client and the server encrypted(with the session key in the ticket) or
 > does all the trafic pass in clear text by default. I read some docs
 > and their content was contradictory, perhaps u can clear me this point
 > to?

The Kerberos authentication provides the client and server with a shared
key which only the two of them know about.  Whether or not this key is
used to encrypt the session data is up to the application protocol.

Jeffrey Altman

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