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Hello Again,

The exact change is I'm unable to get the timezone from my OS hence I
have changed the os_ctx->time_offset in krb5_timeofday to one function
"Ker_GetTimeZone" which returns me the same offset time that I have to
add to get the GMT time from my IST one.

Now that I'm able to see the ethereal log that AS-REQ's start-time and
end-time are in sync with the KRB-ERROR's stime, but this still gives
KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_SKEW. Should I change it elsewhere?

Tameem Ahmed Khan

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>I wanted to change the timezone according to some input parameter and
>hence have changed the time with which the AS-REQ is sent.
>server is returning a KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_SKEW

Well - of course it is...

The time that is sent over the network in ther kerberos requests is in
UTC (similar to GMT). Timezones are just a convenience to the end user -
but all computers are operating off the same timebase...

When you started mucking with the krb5_timeofday on a client - the
request that was sent to the server is totally out of wack with regards
to what it considers reality... 

There are two possibilities - either the kdc is complaining because you
are using the timestamp preauth - and your time is completly out of
wack, or the server is handling your request - and you think the server
has send you back bad data - with the time being off by more than 5

Now you mentioned AS-REQ... What time are you using for your TGS?
Essentially - you are making a mess of things when you start playing
with timezones...

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