Looking up Kerberos error codes

Actually davidchr davespam at microsoft.com
Mon Sep 20 20:17:33 EDT 2004

If you don't already have a mechanism for this, ERR.EXE is a great
(Windows) tool for looking up error codes, including a good number of
Kerberos errors:


> err /kerberr.h 13
# kerberr.h selected.
# for decimal 13 / hex 0xd :
# for hex 0x13 / decimal 19 :
# 2 matches found for "13"

The constant names are probably different from mitkrb5, but they're
usually similar enough to get the idea.  I realize you may/may not have
a Windows machine available for this purpose, but just in case.  


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> Subject: Looking up Kerberos error codes
> Hi,
> Trying to get krb5 authentication working together with PostgreSQL, I 
> stumbled across a couple of error codes that I can't place. 
> The PostgreSQL error logs report that krb5_recvauth returns error
> '103' when connecting from one host and '13' when connecting from
> another, but I haven't been able to figure out what those two error
> codes mean.
> Where can I lookup these error codes? KRB5PLACEHOLD_103 was the only 
> one with value 103 I could find, but it isn't used anywhere in MIT
> Kerberos 1.3.4.
> Any ideas on how to debug these kinds of problems? 
> Cheers,
> Jelmer Vernooij
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