Hi,I got an Error 70

jiangsukid jiangsukid at 263.sina.com
Fri Sep 17 04:17:03 EDT 2004

   I downloaded the kerberos for windows from the url:
.After I installed it , I run the Leash Kerberos ticket manager.
I can get a ticket from my kdc, it has no problem. But when I select the "Action" menu and click the "change password" button,
and type my new password, It report an error 70. It says that the remote server has closed the current connection.
   I am sure my kdc doesn't have a problem. Because I can change password, add new principals on it. 
   And Actually what I want to do with leash is that I found it has a dll, and the dll has a interface to change password remotely. I want to integrate this function to my Login program. Because I used JAAS to authenticate user, It only can verfiy user, cannot change password or add new user. But the customer wants a GUI for admin kerberos principal. So I found leash. 
   I have also searched Error 70 on google, and Found some messages below. But I have tried that, It doesn't help.
   Please give me some advices.

Q: Kerberos Error 70 (get_intkt)

A: The system has lost its TEMP variable. Unless instructed otherwise, ticket files are created in the TEMP directory. If the temp variable disappears, then Kerberos 4 has no idea what to do and it quits with the Kerberos error 70.

Edit autoexec.bat (in Windows 3.1 or 95) or the environment pane in the System control of NT to SET TEMP=C:\TEMP or the equivalent.
Then restart the system.


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