Kadmin GSS-API Error

Lynn Zhang lyzhang at umich.edu
Fri Sep 17 08:06:11 EDT 2004


I am testing the  MIT kerberos 1.3.4 now. The KDC is still on version
1.2.8. I got a GSS-API error when I tried to use the kadmin client from
the 1.3.4 talking to the 1.2.8 server.

here is the error,

/opt/sbin/kadmin -p admabcd/admin
Couldn't open log file /var/log/kadmind.log.20040917: Permission denied
Authenticating as principal admabcd/admin with password.
Password for admabcd/admin at LANGUAGE.UMICH.EDU:
kadmin: GSS-API (or Kerberos) error while initializing kadmin interface

I could not find logs related to this on the KDC.
I guess I could ignore the "Couldn't open log" error, but I do not
understand the GSS-API error.

If I used the kadmin from the 1.2.8 on the same client machine, I am
connecting OK, no errors appear.

Should the kadmin and kadmind be the same version?

Can some one help on this?

Thanks in advance,

*	Lynn Zhang             	        *
*	LS&A System Services Team       *
*	lyzhang at umich.edu               *

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