kpasswd failure due to time out

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Wed Sep 1 13:14:31 EDT 2004

>         That's all the ever appears in the log.  I have the kadmin log
>segregated and nothing ever shows up in that log during this
>opperation.  I thought the kadmind daemon was responsible for this but 
>it never gets involved from what I can tell.

Here's the problem: the admin server will _not_ log errors from the
password changing service (and yes, the admin server is involved).
(Okay, it will log some errors, but it won't log most of them) It's
impossible to determine exactly what the error is without this (it
could be a network connectivity problem, or it could be a half-dozen
other things).  You have connectivity with the KDC, judging from those

If you're handy with a debugger, you could run the debugger on kadmind
to see what the error is.  If you just want to see if the packets are
getting to kadmind, a system call tracer or tcpdump should tell you that.


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