Linux kerberos SAP System and W2K3 ADS

ostparktux roland.seibt at
Fri Oct 22 07:27:33 EDT 2004

Hi there,
since SSO is very modern also the SAP universe is looking for simplyfing
logon process. A common IT landscape does have SAP systemes running on LINUX
(SuSE SLES8), MS (W2K, XP)clients running SAPgui (6.x) and MS ADS (W2K3).
After searching around nothing could be found which says it works.
One guy said that at MIT some guys have made it running.
SAP says something in common but they are no specialist with kerberos ...
and they don't know if it works.

We are still looking for a solution which is working with MS, SAP and open
soure tools only.
(we have tested Cybersafe Trustbroker - and it works)

Does anybody know if there is a solution out there ?

Thanks and have a nice day

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