Kerberized telnetd: -a valid option & eight char limit on account names

ROSS, Colin rossc at
Thu Oct 21 09:37:10 EDT 2004

While testing use of the product VAS, I found that I could
not get the -a valid argument to telnetd to work. I had to regress to
the position of removing the -a valid argument from telnetd, whilst
using the -aFx arguments with the M$ telnet client. A pity because I
hoped to make telnet connections to my Solaris 9 Sparc box with needing
to supply account names and passwords. I am at the position of not
needing to supply account names right now.
I also found that using the telentd that came with the Kerberos 1.3.5 I
compiled left me with a problem arising from the use of long (> eight
char) account names. My own account works fine, since it is quite short.
Other users have been unable to telnet to the Solaris 9 box because
their login is stumped when the account is a long name. For example,
jonesj will work, but williamsmithf will not. This is a real pain as all
account names are managed in M$ Active Directory product and some of the
names are quite long (aren't people a bore, having such names).
My point is, how can I re-compile Kerberos/telnetd to build in support
for long account names? Secondly, what are the requisite steps I must
take to permit the -a valid argument to telnetd to work? Is this keytab
PS Thx again for the previous assist re. 64 bit kerberos compile- works

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