Missing parms in kdc.conf

bob bob at cox.net
Tue Nov 23 00:09:42 EST 2004

Mark Sellers wrote:

> It's finding my kdc.conf without this entry.  I know this because
> I can add garbage to my kdc.conf and it will fail to parse it.
> However, just to be sure, I added the [kdc] section with a
> profile key, and I receive the same error.
> I read in some news post that the error could also apply to
> missing parameters in the krb5.conf file (i.e. the error text is
> wrong).  Still, I don't see what is missing.  I'm bewildered on
> this one.  It's gotta be something simple.
> For reference, I'm running a 2.6.6 kernel (Debian) with Kerberos
> 5 version 1.3.4-4.
> Thanks for the input.  Do you have any other suggestions?
> -Mark
> On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 22:11:08 -0500, bob <bob at cox.net> wrote:
>>Mark Sellers wrote:
>>>I am getting the following Kerberos 5 error:
>>>kadmind: Required parameters in kdc.conf missing while
>>>initializing, aborting
>>>I have tried all the obvious things like reading man pages, admin
>>>guides, and searching the web for examples.  I have also tried
>>>plenty of trial and error, but to no avail.  Can someone please
>>>point me in the right direction for solving this [presumably]
>>>simple problem.
>>>Conf files follow.  I have replaced my domain name with FOO.
>>Is your kdc.conf file in the default location?  If not you can add the 
>>following to your krb5.conf:
>>	profile = /path/to/kdc.conf

I do not see a problem with your kdc.conf, although I leave my logging 
section in krb5.conf only.  The krb manual says you can do both, but 
maybe try deleting it from the kdc.conf and see if that works.  Also 
when I set up my kdc I followed a conf that used the brackets around the 
logging facilities.  The krb manual show brackets in the description 
settings but none in the example.  Confusing.  Like I said I use the 
brackets so try it to see if it works.  Here is mine, only in krb5.conf.

	admin_server = SYSLOG[:INFO[:AUTH]]
	default = SYSLOG[[:SYS]]

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