compiling kerberos client questions

talisman halford2069 at
Thu Nov 18 20:37:35 EST 2004


i've been fiddling with compiling kerberos client code on a solaris 9
box and from this i have some questions..

(a) on one box with solaris 9 installed my program compiles and works
fine, but on another it doesn't. further inspection showed that while
i could set it up as a master and run kadmin.local and kinit etc, my
code won't run on the second box because it doesn't have
in the library opath (well its just not on the server fullstop) etc -
yet my other box does. as im using kerberos that is the sun shipped
version does anyone know where i can find the packages that will put
the appropriate libraries in place?

(b) MIT vs SUN's kerberos - this seems to be a messy situation by my
understanding at least. is it better to remove sun's kerberos and put
on MITs? there are other kerberos server's around the palce that SUN's
kerberos kadmin doesn't seem to talk to (kadmin core dumps against MIT
TRU64 kdc but works against sun's one) and i'm wondering whether my
client code is only going to work against other kerberos servers if i
compile against these libraries :)

hope that all makes sense :) any advice appreciated.

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